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Jeff's Body Shop is conviently located just minutes from the Bay Bridge. Below are directions to Jeff's Body Shop from Sheehy Lexus of Annapolis.
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Directions from Sheehy Lexus of Annapolis

  • Take RT.50 East across the Bay Bridge.
  • Take exit 40A turning onto S. Piney Road
  • Follow to the end and turn left onto Main St./MD-18
  • Jeff's Body Shop is less than a half mile on the Left.

Why Use a Lexus Certifed Collision Technician?

Q:  What is the difference between a Lexus Certified Collision Technician and a Non-Certified Technician?

A:  Lexus Certified Collision Technician demonstrates a commitment to excellence in collision repair professionalism, repair quality and customer satisfaction by meeting Lexus' industry leading standards for certification.

Key technician standards include:

  • Use of a third party customer service monitoring system to ensure your repair experience is exceptional.
  • Lexus trained to have the knowledge and expertise to repair your Lexus the right way.
  • Works in a repair facility that is equipped with the right tools and equipment. 

Q:  What is the advantage of state-of-the-art tools and equipment?

A:  Lexus Certified Collision Technicians are equipped with the latest repair equipment and tools that enable them to adhere to Lexus recommended repair procedures.

Q:  Aren't all collision repair technicians trained?

A:  Repair technicians are not equally trained.  Just as there are various levels of training and expertise in most professions, collision repair technicians can achieve the pinnacle of professional training by becoming Lexus Certified. Lexus Certified Technicians complete hours of hands-on training and must pass Institute of Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) to achieve and maintain their certification.

By providing you with the highest quality collision repair and when using only Lexus Genuine Parts in the repair of your vehicle, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Q:  Why would I want to use Lexus Genuine Parts - aren't all collision parts pretty much the same?

A:  Lexus Genuine Parts are designed to meet defined quality, safety and appearance specifications that may not be replicated on imitation parts.  Because of this, Lexus does not support or recommend the use of imitation parts.  Lexus vehicle factory warranties transfer when Lexus Genuine Parts are utilized in the repair process.  Protect yourself and the value of your vehicle by insisting on Lexus Genuine Parts.


kent island

Kent Island
2325 Main Street
Chester, MD 21619
(410) 643-9555

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Certified by: ase certifiedicar gold class

lexus certified collision technicians
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